May Flowers came early this year and so did the May update of ManufactOn!!! This round we have a Triple Play of a release with updates to the Web app, to the Revit Plug-in and to the Mobile App!

Let’s start with the web app:

Enhanced Run Management

For those prefabs that require a lot of steps to complete and/or have multiple owners across your shop, now there is a way to both, show only those runs that “belong to me” or show only those runs which are not yet complete, or a combination of both.

This will help your shop team members focus on what THEY need to focus on.

In Addition, we have increased the run limit to 100 runs (for REALLY big prefabs).

The final enhancement to the Production Run functionality is the ability to enter “Zero Hour” estimated times for those runs which may not apply to every production order (like “rework” or “special finish”, etc.)

Automated Time Tracking of Production Runs

For those production runs which require Productivity Tracking. The web app, optimized for tablets, has a new “stopwatch” function to allow your shot to “scan to start” and then “scan to stop” production tracking for their runs.

Managing “zero quantities” in Inventory

Some special order items for a project are meant to get to zero, right? But just because you let it get there, doesn’t mean you don’t want to report on it. Now ManufactOn will keep those zero quantity items in your list for tracking or to re-order in the event your project gets extended.

Export Enhancements

Reporting the Percent Complete on a production order can be a powerful measure. With this release of ManufactOn, you can share that information in your excel exported reports from the Supply Chain Manager tool.

Let’s look at the mobile App

The mobile app has always been a great tool for anyone in the shop or field! Now it is even more intuitive and easy to use. With a fully revamped user interface, you and your teams in the field can easily find out everything they need to know about their production orders with a minimal of clicks! How about even fewer click ?! OK, with the voice to text function, the hardest part of using a mobile app, typing out your search string, is completely eliminated

And Finally – Let’s talk Revit

The newest update to the Revit Plug-in has been released and this one is all about performance! Getting order through the plug-in is now much faster and creating your production order from Revit Parameters is easier and faster than ever.

From Web, to Mobile, to Revit, this release of ManufactOn has you covered as a complete Construction Operations Platform and tool-set!

Until next time…