We hope you are having as much fun this summer as we are!

With our third big release since Memorial Day, this summer continues to heat-up in all the right ways!

Advanced Filters

Being able to slice and dice your data to gain insight into production, material and shipping status is an incredibly important function to managing your projects.

We’ve spent some significant time recently getting this function right and as an extension of our recent update to the filter tool we are putting the cherry on top with the ability to apply a filter by clicking outside of the filter dialog.

In addition, as an option for our Inventory Manager tool, we’ve given you the ability to hide items that you may have intentionally allow to run out of stock… or find them and re-order as necessary!

Multi-Move Orders into a Shipment

ManufactOn is helping the construction industry get lean! Just in time production and delivery of prefabs and materials is part of that equation! That equation just got simplified with the ability to move multiple production orders off of your manufacturing floor and into your shipping and logistics plan for a simple, flawless and well informed execution!

Shipping Manifest & Notifications

Shipments often require the attention of individuals who may not be on the project team, even if it is just to inform them of what, where and when things are to be arriving!

ManufactOn now includes the option to create a complete item level manifest with all the shipping information anyone could need and giving you the ability to “CC” extended project team members who may not be using ManufactOn… yet. PLUS it includes the QR code for the shipment for those who are on ManufactOn.

Until next time… Stay cool!