PRODUCT UPDATE – August 2019

PRODUCT UPDATE – August 2019

With the “dog days” of summer on us, it’s time to take stock of what you’ve got and what you need! And what you need is what ManufactOn’s got!!!

This release focuses on two area of need that are REAL game changers! Namely:

  • Advance Inventory Management
  • Advanced Notifications.

Let’s start with Inventory!

Inventory Management

Advanced Import Capabilities

ManufactOn knows that the source of your digital inventory content can be varied and wide. With CSV as the universal/common denominator, the ability to easily import your inventory into ManufactOn is critical so we’ve widened the scope of what you can import to include critical values like Units, Min Quantity and more!

Incrementing Inventory

Being LEAN, in part, means making the most of your inventory! And there are times that you may have more inventory than expected! On those happy occasions, as the Inventory or Procurement Manager, being able to “increment” your inventory can make you the hero! ManufactOn now makes recording found inventory as easy as decremented inventory!

Max Level Management

ManufactOn has ALWAYS had the ability to notify your teams when Inventory is getting low, but how would they know how much to buy to properly backfill that stock? With a Max Level indicator, your procurement team can buy the right quantity to keep your shop in stock without overpurchasing, making your “just in time” initiatives a reality rather than just lip-service!

“In Storage” Inventory

Just because something is “in stock”, doesn’t mean it is available for any project. How do you know how much is REALLY available for your shop team to allocate? ManufactOn now has the ability to “store” items away which are designated for a specific prefab order. Items that are designated as “In Storage” might be sitting in your shop’s inventory, but HANDS OFF!!!… Unless the prefab you are about to build has had those items stored away explicitly for your use.

More information = better results!

Notification Enhancements

All the information in the world is of no use if you don’t remember to review it! And let’s face it, we are all crazy busy! ManufactOn knows you cannot always remember to proactively stay on top of your to-dos, and sometimes a friendly tap on the shoulder as a reminder can be the difference between glowing success and a miserable failure!

With this in mind, we’ve made our notifications, via mobile and email, more complete and with better information, while at the same time not just becoming “noise” that you’ll soon ignore!

Receiving the right amount of information for the right type of changes and updates has been a work of passion of ManufactOns for the past several months… we are proud of how well we have struck the ballance and know your teams will really appreciate this update for both the quality and minimal quantity of notifications they receive.

Well, that’s it for this release. We hope you can take it a bit slower and relax in this heat knowing you are better informed about all aspects of all of your jobs.

Until next time…