Hey All! Another month and another release here at ManufactOn, both on the web and in the mobile stores! MOBILE UPDATES First let’s start with the mobile!  Getting push notifications to your mobile device is GREAT!  It’s your call to action that something important has changed or is now in… Read More »

Realizing the ROI of Prefab

It’s everyone’s first question – What’s the ROI? We get it – there’s been a wave of new technology hitting the construction industry in the past 5 years, teams are busy getting work done and are understandably wary/weary of incorporating new tech into their existing processes without knowing what the… Read More »

Product Updates – Fall 2017

Since our last post, ManufactOn has been very busy streamlining processes and workflows, providing easy ways to get informed on your production and supply chain and getting connected to BIM.  The update includes numerous feature requests, bug fixes, and performance enhancements throughout the entire app. Here are some of the… Read More »